Who is in the office? When? Where? Ask Kastle.

A simple office access system makes managing  hybrid work easy. Track occupancy and modify access rights in real-time, from anywhere – all while maintaining a secure workplace knowing who is in the office when. 


Kastle Has the Access Data You Didn't Know
You Needed for Managing Hybrid Work

Running an efficient hybrid workplace is difficult without an understanding of who is coming into the office, and when. Installing a simple office access system can give you the insight needed to manage an efficient and productive office. Check out the resources below to learn more.  

Make Hybrid Work For Your Business-1

Make Hybrid Work For Your Business

Managing a hybrid office plan presents new challenges. These strategies, paired with simple office access solutions, help make hybrid work for you.
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Best Ways to control office occupancy

Best Ways to Control Office Occupancy Levels

Still have health and safety concerns in the workplace? Learn how Kastle ® helps workforces enjoy a healthier office.
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Wednesdays are the new mondays? Do you even know who comes to your hybrid workplace and when?

Wednesdays are the new Mondays? Really? How do we know? Read on.
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Get your hybrid office under control with smart access

Managing a hybrid workplace can be challenging. By extending your building’s access control system to your office, you can activate, deactivate, and modify access credentials with one system in real-time.


A Day in the Hybrid Office

See how this HR manager and employee utilize newly adopted technology to keep their hybrid work experience safe and secure.
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Smart Access Optimizes Visitor Management

How to Optimize Visitor Management in a Hybrid Workplace

How can you manage visitor office access when you are working in a dynamic hybrid work environment? Learn how KastleVisitor® helps hybrid-working staff securely manage on-site visitors even while they work remotely.
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Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

Get a handle on hybrid work complexity. Read about how a simple workplace access system can empower administrators to effectively implement hybrid work operations.
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With Kastle Smart Access, you can:

Affordably incorporate smart access to your office
Monitor your office occupancy level data in real-time
NOSTenant_Icons_Street to Suite
Utilize data to make efficient hybrid office plans 
Modify anyone’s access credentials instantly
Manage your authorized user directory remotely

We do more. We design, install, monitor, and maintain your system, and train every user how to use it.

Bring smart access control technology to your office with Kastle.