Access Technology is the Key
to Smart Building Design



Wise developers will prioritize security in the planning phase of modern buildings

Kastle custom designs access control and video surveillance technology solutions for the unique needs of every client and has for the last 50 years. The system complexity and integration demanded of today's smart buildings require this expertise more than ever -- from the start of design through ongoing building operation. Security cannot be an afterthought unless you want to face the prospect of costly construction change orders to rectify failures of core systems to work together.  We don't sell off-the-shelf hardware. Rather we design tailored integrations to enhance building performance and delight occupants. (And we don't charge extra.)


Learn more about Kastle design integration by downloading the case study.

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No obligation up-front security consultation, analysis, and planning at no extra charge


Design development documents that illustrate the security technology plan as an integrated component of a building's structural, electrical HVAC, elevator and parking design


Decades of experience securing a diverse range of buildings


No cost to the developer until Kastle's system is selected and implemented 


Delivering a smooth experience for tenants and residents


Creating an end-to-end security design built to last

Case Study: District Wharf

The District Wharf, a mixed-use development from Hoffman & Associates, located in Washington, D.C., includes businesses, retail, restaurants and residences.
Kastle began designing the security infrastructure during the schematic phase, putting safety at the core of the development. Our work guaranteed that the project’s security technology was integrated with the other infrastructure systems — electrical, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing and structural - from the start

wharf 1
wharf 2
wharf 3