Construction Site Security

If you own or operate a construction site, you know that theft is a major and costly concern. In fact, it’s estimated that more than $2 billion in construction equipment and copper electrical components like tubing or wiring is stolen each year.

Many owners and developers have tried to ramp up site security by hiring guards—unfortunately, with minimal success. Not only is this an expensive method, but it can often be unreliable if guards fall asleep, fail to show up, or—in some cases—steal from the site themselves.

Fortunately, you have a better option—one that’s more economical and efficient, too: You can install a video surveillance system like Kastle’s Mobile Sentry System to constantly record every action on your job site and contact authorities if the presence of unauthorized persons or vehicles is detected. Many sites already use a combination of security and time-lapse cameras in addition to human guards, but Kastle’s system combines these components in a single, managed video guarding solution.

The benefits and value of a video guarding solution are truly significant. The Mobile Sentry platform was primarily designed to eliminate theft and vandalism, but can also help with site management. Users have the ability to access video remotely 24-7, making operations easier, cutting down on afterhours headaches, and allowing you to view the progress of your project. And the technology is superior to that of many other video surveillance systems because “smart” cameras use video analytics to identify and catalog activity for searching that’s as easy as Google.

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